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Frequently asked questions - NT2+

How do I use the digital learning platform NT2+?
Please download the manual to help you with the usage of the platform. Need more help? Please contact our customer support desk.

I currently work with Breekijzer. Is there a new method for this level?
Yes, within the teaching method IJsbreker+ you will find the materials for this level in part 1A and 1B.

When will the new materials be available?
You can find an overview of the release dates over here.

Until when can I use the old/current digital application?
The old platform will be available for you to use until 1 march 2019. NB: licences need to be activated in 2018, so before the 31th of December 2018. In 2019, there will be no possibilities for the licences to be activated.

Can the new digital application be used in combination with the previous version of the books?
The new digital platform NT2+ (Dutch as a foreign language) is specifically designed for the new teaching and learning materials Zebra+, IJsbreker+ and Code+. All exercises are compatible with these new materials, and therefore not with the books of the previous edition.

What would be a convenient time to switch?
The moment your group changes books or levels is a perfect opportunity for transitioning to the new edition, including the use of digital application.

Will learning results be transferred from the old to the new platform?
Unfortunately, they will not. The new platform is based on entirely new and advanced functions from which you can benefit, especially compared to the old platform. Our accountmanagers can provide you with more info about this. This won’t cause any inconveniences if you switch when a certain course, level, group or book is finished. However, you can save all learning results from the old platform and/or print them.
Learn more about saving and/or printing your results

Will learning results from the old platform be stored?
They will be saved until the 1th of November 2018 only. This is in line with privacy and security laws and regulations (a.k.a. ‘AVG’). This means we are not allowed to store the data. We therefore advise you to extract and save learning results yourself before March 1st 2019.

Will the new platform act on the new privacy and security laws and regulations?
Yes, it will. This applies to all of the data within the platform/application. The institution providing the course will, as always, be responsible for the data that is saved locally.

What will change for my current licences?
The licences from IJsbreker for the period of 12 or 6 months will no longer be available. But, you can order a 3 or 1 month valid licences for Ijsbreker. For Code, the licences change (price and valid period) from the beginning of July. The period for a license will be 4 months and the price will be adapted to this period. You can find the new prices over here

Can I please get support while starting with the new platform?
We are always happy to help. Please contact the ThiemeMeulenhoff customer support desk at 033-4483700 or fill in the online contact form.

How will the students log-in?
The new platform can not be used with the old codes. Students have to create a new account to enter the new platform. There is a button ‘account aanmaken’ at

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